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The truth is, who you hire to be your lawyer matters. It matters a lot. The legal representation you choose for your case will likely be the strongest influence over the quality of your case’s outcome. You deserve to have a lawyer who is as dedicated to your goals as you are. Not all lawyers offer the same level of service and courtroom ability, so it pays to take a moment and learn about your potential representation before you select their services. No one wants to go to Court, but having an advocate comfortable and experienced in the courtroom is the only way to ensure you get your chance at justice.

Robert J. Rohl is a South Dakota attorney who prides himself on helping his community. He knows what is at stake in your case, and he will work passionately to secure the results you deserve in your case. He loves what he does. His firm helps people obtain justice!

How Robert Rohl Will Stand For You

Each case that clients bring to Robert Rohl is completely unique from every other, which is why they each deserve custom-tailored representation. Instead of choosing a lawyer who might treat you like another case in their file cabinet, you can find the respect you are looking for at his Rapid City office as he can help you with cases involving:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Rapid City:

– Wrongful Death
Trucking Accidents
Auto Accidents
– Catastrophic Injuries
– Brain Injuries
– Spinal Cord Injuries
– Defective Products
– Legal Malpractice

Professional Discipline/Licensing Issues:

-Disciplinary Proceedings
-Termination/Suspension of Practice Privileges
-Fair Hearing

Criminal Defense:

Robert Rohl takes the time to sit with his clients and ensures that he knows every detail of their injury and its consequences so he can help pursue the most favorable outcome available. In most cases, the victim only gets one chance, so they need to be sure they are doing everything in their power to maximize the value of their case. His job is to see that you get the results you deserve.

In addition to working with Robert Rohl, you will work with his paralegal Jodi Glanzer. She has been involved in some of the biggest trials in the state. Prior to working with Robert, Jodi worked for Pat Duffy. Over the course of her career, Jodi has helped so many people through the most difficult situations life could possibly present.

Begin Your Case With Robert Rohl

Robert Rohl is a proven trial attorney, which means he is not afraid of a fight in court and does not settle for “decent” results. He understands the devastating and lifelong impact that injuries can and do have on his clients.

If you are ready to meet with an attorney who you can trust to be as committed to your best interests as you are, contact him today. Call his office at 605-519-7750 or email him here to schedule your initial consultation today. He looks forward to meeting with you to begin your personal injury claim in South Dakota, so act now!