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Importance of truck drivers completing truck inspections

by | Oct 13, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Trucks play an important role in commerce in South Dakota as they ship various products around the country. They are able to transport large amounts of products at one time, which makes them very effective. However, it also means that they are much larger than most of the other vehicles on the roads. Due to this size difference, they can cause significant damage to the other vehicles on the road if they are in trucking accidents.

This means that the truck drivers need to be even more cautious than the other drivers on the roads. There are strict trucking laws in place regarding phone use, alcohol consumption and the number of hours they are allowed to work to prevent drowsy driving. Truck drivers are also required to inspect their trucks to ensure that everything is in good working order since mechanical malfunctions can also cause serious accidents.

What is contained in a vehicle inspection

Truck drivers must inspect and report their inspection findings regarding the trucks’ brakes and brake connections, parking brakes, lighting devices, tires, mirrors, windshield wipers, coupling devices, wheels and rims and the trucks emergency equipment.

If during the inspection the driver finds that one of the parts inspected is defective and will affect the operation of the truck, the defects must be repaired prior to the truck being used again. They also must certify that the repair is complete. The motor carrier is required to keep the inspection reports for a period of three months after the report is made.

If these inspections are not completed or the required repairs are not made, the truck may have mechanical issues and cause accidents. The truck drivers and companies may then be liable for the damages that the accident causes due to the failure to inspect and fix and defects.

Truck accidents in South Dakota can be very devastating for the smaller vehicles involved in them. Often, the people in the smaller vehicles suffer serious injuries while the drivers of the trucks may be unharmed given the difference in the size of the vehicles. It is important that the victims are compensated properly as these injuries can sometimes completely change their lives. An experienced trucking accident attorney in Rapid City, South Dakota understands how devastating truck accidents can be and may be a useful resource.